Improving Brain Function For Life

Learning Difficulties and Cognitive Skills

Learning difficulties can be a direct result of weak cognitive skills. Learn Now improves the way in which the brain functions, therefore strengthening the cognitive skills which are essential to the process of learning. Learn Now does not teach academic subjects like math, spelling, social studies and science. It is very likely that clients who have been struggling to learn will have gaps in their academic knowledge and skills. At the completion of the sessions, filling in the educational gaps may require a tutor or another plan of action .

Learning Difficulties and Behavior

Difficulty performing tasks will almost always generate stress when attempting to do these tasks, often resulting in avoidance behaviors. Often, people don’t like doing something simply because they find the task difficult. This results in avoidance behaviors which are often misinterpreted as “just not doing as you are told”, or just plan misbehavior.  In reality, the behavior is really caused by frustration and anger of not being able to perform an assigned task, even when great effort is put forth.

If a child is gestalt dominant, this is the person who has ADD characteristics, they may be perceived as emotionally immature. They lack the ability to analyze a situation logically, therefore acting out of emotion with little or no consideration of the consequences.

When asked to perform a task, the first response comes from the deep limbic emotional center of the brain. The response is based on past experience. If someone has always failed or found a task very stressful, those feelings may prevent the person from even trying to do the task again.

The best advice we can give is to intervene early and get help so that the learning deficits and avoidance behaviors are kept to a minimum.