Improving Brain Function For Life

Importance Of Handling Emotional Stress 

It is vitally important that we deal with our emotional and relational stress in an effective, healthy manner. It has been found that nearly 90 percent of all chronic illnesses are rooted in a cause that is regularly overlooked, STRESS! While the human body is fully equipped to combat the negative effects of acute stress, persistent, ongoing stress and anxiety is an entirely different story. It’s effects contribute to heart disease, lung disease, cancer, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, suicide and likely others, too many to list.

Chronic stress wreaks havoc on our glandular and endocrine systems of the thyroid and adrenals that are responsible for producing the various hormones that our bodies need in order to remain healthy. When these parts of the body are not functioning properly, health problems arise. Some of which are; an elevated risk of heart attack, damage to the brain, blood sugar imbalances, know as Type-2 Diabetes, decreased bone density, increased blood pressure, and excess fat growth, especially around the abdomen. It has been proven that longstanding stress in whatever way it manifests itself can be deeply harmful to the body, mentally and physically. Today’s tension-filled world is robbing us of happiness and well being. Energy Kinesiology offers a way to release that stress, opening the door for more joy and better health.