Prior to my daughter’s sessions at LearnNow, academics were very difficult for her. She struggled in all subjects. When she was trying to learn something, it was like there was some sort of disconnect. She could not remember her spelling words or a math concept that she had learned the day before. She struggled to read and getting her to write a four-sentence paragraph was like pulling teeth. She was performing below grade level but it was not due to lack of effort. After sessions with Sandy, she is excelling in all subjects and is at the top of her class. She shows no signs of a learning difficulty. She enjoys reading and her self-confidence is soaring. Her life has been greatly improved. –R.C.
Good News! Jonathan nearly doubled his test scores from last year and scored 10 percent higher than he’s ever scored before. Thanks for all your help. I feel like he has the opportunity to learn now, where he didn’t really before. -W.E.
School is going great! Joshua is really amazing me lately with what he can remember and how much better he can focus. –K.G.
Thank you, Ms. Sandy for you help. I am feeling much better, not as impatient or quick to anger. I already feel a difference in my memory abilities, so I am grateful for that. Just wanted you to know that I can tell a difference. -H.W.
I never really knew I had a learning problem; school just came a little harder for me than for others. I had a difficult time in reading, math, writing and spelling. Basically, all of my subjects were hard. My mom got very frustrated with me because I just couldn’t understand concepts like my three older siblings could. I was going into 7th grade and still needed a lot of help from my mom. I had five appointments, for a total of ten hours of treatment. I just completed 8th grade and I needed little to no assistance from my mom. It was a great school year. -M.C.
Good news! We saw improvement with Jonas’ phonics test last week. His teacher said yesterday that he read the best for her than he has all school year
Today, his teacher just sent me his Spelling test grade and he went from a D or F each week to a 94 A today. He missed 2 out of 20. Latin test is normally a C and today’s test was 100%! He doesn’t normally struggle with Math and got his normal A this week! Great improvement this week!!! –S.H.
Landon he has improved. He hasn’t been as harsh or downing on his siblings. We are having a family meeting Sunday to stress new behaviors and consequences for bad behavior! We are on the right path. Thanks for all you do! –S.H.
Sandy Combs is an enthusiastic, compassionate, and professional practitioner. She provided me with the knowledge I needed to make a well-informed decision regarding my decision to pursue sessions at LearnNow. Once I made the choice to proceed, she’s given me the tools I need to succeed. Most of my youth and my entire adult years, I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression. I’ve seen over a dozen medical doctors and psychologists. Some of their therapies helped, but none of them addressed the core issues; thinking rationally, properly managing my emotions, and using my mind to it’s full potential. I so often let negativity and illogical thought patterns govern my thinking and my actions. Sandy’s treatments and protocol have helped me realize that I can control how I react to situations even though I can’t control the situations themselves. I feel better equipped to now live a less stressful and more joyful life. My mind seems less cluttered with unnecessary and irrational thinking. My time management skills are improving and I feel I’m able to much more easily recall memories (both short and long-term). I realize now that I have more potential than I’d ever thought and I feel empowered. Thanks to Sandy, I know I don’t have to feel mentally or psychologically “stuck” anymore. I understand the brain is impressively powerful and that I can use what I’ve learned to lead a much happier and fulfilling life. I recommend anyone who struggles with attention or memory problems, anxiety and/or depression, or negative and toxic thinking to make an appointment with Sandy, at LearnNow. As much as it is helping me in so many different aspects of life, I know there are others who will benefit as well. –R.G.
I’m not sure if my mom sent you feedback but her changes have been nearly miraculous. She was so disappointed when I reminded her that her next visit wasn’t until next week. -W.C.

I saw a difference in Ella today! We went to meet a children’s director this morning. She sat there and let me talk to the director without interrupting. Typically she is interrupting every 2 minutes and not letting me talk at all. Then she typically begins whining about being bored and wanting to go. We met for 45 minutes and she hardly talked at all unless I addressed her and not once did she complain of being bored and wanting to leave. For her to sit like she did today is huge! It is like night and day. I told her I was so proud of her! I mean I couldn’t believe it! -C.G.
We attended a new church this Sunday and Ella did great. She usually is talking above the teacher and raising her hand and answering every question not giving the other kids a chance. She sat and listened and did great! She answered questions but not excessive. And her whining has continued to improve. –C.G

We are very thankful that we came to see you and that you treated Caroline. She is doing great! We have seen improvement in many areas. She’s enjoying reading like never before and she has even increased her Spelling and Verbal skills. She has gained more confidence in reading, especially in front of her peers. My sister-in-law Jessica told me that both Caroline and Luke read their Bible’s in front of the entire Children’s Church this past Sunday! Something she would have NEVER in a million years attempted just six months ago. -K.T.
I wanted to tell you that last night, when I asked Michael what he learned in Chapel at school, he gave me a complete answer with no hesitations! He said, “We learned about David and Goliath and that with God all things are possible.” I was so excited. That was the first time he had ever been able to fully articulate what he learned! Also, he is still in pull-ups at night but it seems that he has been able to stay dry during the day! I thought you would like to hear that. I know I’m excited about it.
Thank you! I literally already can feel improvement, I feel different. Like a good different! –J.C.
After being rear-ended while sitting at a red light, I suffered brain trauma that left me with severe brain-fog, confusion, & a stammer, which turned into a full-blown stutter. I suddenly understood how a student I tutored, who struggles with learning difficulties, felt when the student would try to listen, try to understand, and try to respond, but couldn’t because the brain just wouldn’t communicate within itself properly! It was truly debilitating, I was overly emotional, and I felt plain “stupid.” After being treated at LearnNow, the stutter disappeared, my mind began to clear, my emotions balanced back out, and I was able to process what was going on around me “normally.” In my case, especially with the stutter and stammering, the change occurred that very day! If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would have been hard pressed to believe it! I am so thankful! As for Sandy, I so appreciate her professionalism and her heart for helping people. She is so very conscientious of her client’s time and the money they are paying for her services. That is truly a rare quality! –S.M.

Last night I saw Emma up reading to her brother at bedtime of her own accord, which is not something that I’ve seen her do before, and I was very encouraged. She is starting to read a little more steadily and smoothly. -S.R.
Yesterday was the first time Presley was able to sit still during nightly bible lessons and pay attention. She was so proud of herself and even got a treat for good behavior from Dad. -W.C.
Amy is exemplifying some ‘newer’ tendencies that I had not seen before. She responded more rationally to circumstances and not so much emotionally. We were able to have a number of good, short conversations. She also did not have any tantrums that day nor yesterday. I feel like all those things combined were very significant. -J.F.
Spelling is going better! Yesterday Reese studied a list of about 15 words (7-10 letters long) for about 20 minutes. She got most of them right, even spelled “tomorrow” backwards. I checked her on a few today and she’s still got them. The list was written in cursive, so most of her mistakes were due to not being able to read cursive. -A.D.
I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for quite some time. I was also feeling emotionally out of control when dealing with my children. After several sessions with Sandy, my anxiety and depression feelings are much better. When I feel myself getting frustrated or angry at my children, instead of blowing up at them and yelling at them, I go to my room and take a short “time out” and then I am able to come back to the situation and deal with it in a much more rational, controlled manor. -J.Y.
Our son always struggled to ride a bike. He was embarrassed; he just couldn’t do it as much as he tried. He was diagnosed with ADHD as well as other learning difficulties. When we turned to Sandy Combs for sessions, we were desperate for help. We believe the sessions helped our son and his learning. We were not expecting the amazing bonus he experienced. After a few sessions, our ten-year-old son had the courage to get on a two-wheel bike again. To our surprise, he experienced the joy and art of riding a bike the same day! When we look back on this happy occasion we see how the sessions at LearnNow helped him ride a bike successfully, by himself, for the first time! Our son couldn’t wait to see Mrs. Combs so he could share his excitement in person. –S.B.
Since I took my son to LearnNow, there have been a lot of subtle but distinct changes. My husband says his focus has been improved because you can give him a task now and he will remember what it is and he is motivated to do it and complete it. Older brother claims he doesn’t take things as personally and has less meltdowns when he asks him to do something. I homeschool him and I have witnessed times where he would never know the time of day or the day of the week, teaching him the calendar and clock was unsuccessful. After a few sessions, he would tell me the day and where we were supposed to be. He corrects me if I get my days mixed up. That never happened before. He used to have meltdowns when he would set out to do something and was struggling. Now he remains calm and comes up with strategies, incredible! He usually can’t be given a task or learn lessons longer than 15 minutes. When I gave him the Terra Nova CAT test, we did the entire test from 9am to 2pm with only five, five-minute breaks. I tell you right now that would have NEVER happened before. Thank you Sandy! -D.C.
I have always had to memorize concepts and signals for my job and it was always difficult. Not only were they hard to memorize, but they were even difficult to understand. After working with Sandy, I not only have a greater ability to remember them, but I understand them now too. -H.W.
I was able to go to the store and easily make a decision; normally I would sit there and stare at the shelf for way too long, feeling totally indecisive. –T.J.
Our son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. Within a month of his sessions at LearnNow, he auditioned for a play. As his parents, we were taken by surprise when we learned he landed the lead role! We believe this gave him the ability to learn better. He memorized his lines, he performed well…he nailed it! Sandy, we thank you. –S.B.

There are no words I can express or value of money I could give for this “gift” you have given us! -D.C.

My teachers noticed in 4th grade I really struggled with comprehension even though I was an excellent reader. It has always been hard for me to understand what I read- unless I read it slowly 3-4 times!! I am now in my mid40s and understand so much better when I read!! I wish I hadn’t struggled all those decades!! People pay thousands of dollars to give their kids braces to help them feel better about themselves and improve their looks; Sessions at LearnNow cost much less and bring about change that has much more value. –J.Y.

My daughter is twenty-two years old. After taking her to Sandy at LearnNow, she pays more attention to detail. She runs an Internet business and now shows greater interest and ability in doing so. She has walked through some new life situations that have required her to deal with a lot of different emotions and she has handled them with super maturity. –T.D.
I woke up this morning with thoughts rolling through my mind and then I verbalized them out loud…I want to get well! I will get well!!! You have no idea how freeing those thoughts are right now. I am seeing things differently. The simple affirmations from our two times together are tumbling through my mind at points in time and are breathing hope into my present circumstances. -T.J.
After Zoe’s first visit, her spelling is better. She’s faster and not missing as many words. She wants to work on math next time. –W.C
Learn Now has been a great help for my children in dealing with different challenges in their individual life and it has allowed them to be the best that they can be. –J.F.
Sandy is knowledgeable, caring and competent. Sandy can help people alleviate all sorts of neurological symptoms, from specific learning disabilities to general anxiety. I highly recommend her services. –L.C.

We’re seeing a marked improvement in all of the kids. Zoe is having a much easier time with handwriting and reading. Math still makes her nervous but her speed has improved. Actually her speed is better for everything. Jade is seeing similar benefits. –W.C.
Presley is doing so much better with her defiance and her ability to get along with other children. –W.C.
Brian continues to be able to awaken in the morning much sooner, even on mornings when he is tired. Last night he mentioned that when he went to Prom he felt socially compatible with everyone there. Thanks so much for all you have done and are doing to help him!  
I am seeing marked improvement in memory and vision. –H.C.
Ella is doing so much better with her reading. –C.G.
Oh My Goodness! Last night, when getting ready for bed, he called out to me and thanked me for dinner and said the food tasted good. This morning he came downstairs, put biscuits in the oven and put away the clean dishes! All without being asked to do any of that!!! And he just made the bottle to feed the lamb AND fed it! He normally throws a fit if you ask him to do it (says it’s not his lamb) so for him to go and do this on his own, is HUGE!!!! -S.H.
A mom’s comment after seeing a marked level of improvement after her son’s second session, “I am shocked!” -S.G.
Drew is no longer wetting the bed! -C.G.
Jade wrote a four page paper, single spaced, and it was really good. That would have never happened before. -W.C.
Joshua’s been doing really well! He’s remembering things better, focusing better, and just overall doing better than he has been in a long time. Every day I see him doing things that surprise me! -K.G.

I just wanted to give you an update on Ella’s headaches. She has had several headache free days, a first since her injury. When she does have one, it is often on just one side or just the edges instead of her whole head. She also says she isn’t getting as much motion sickness. -K.H.
Ella is sleeping better and not scared to be in her room and she has gotten much more calm on the emotional front. Here is a note I received from her teacher, “I just wanted to let you know that Ella is doing very well in class. I have seen a big improvement in her work from last year. She is writing beautifully and can answer questions correctly.” Here is a comment from another teacher, “ I was so impressed that Ella volunteered to read in class today. Her reading is getting better for sure. I am impressed. Keep up the good work at home.” The big picture is that she is really improving. Christy G.
Brian feels like he is communicating better and that his memory is also better. An interesting result over the past month and a half is that he has been able to drop 3 units
off of his basel insulin. -J.F.
William has been doing better in completing tasks also he hasn’t had anymore sleep walking. -A.D.

Driving in to work was much easier.  No panic when cars were next to me, no panic with 18 wheelers.  Thank you so very much! -H.W.
Presley is no longer hoarding and not defiant, just acting like a normal 5 year old. -W.C.
Pierce is doing much better with writing. He just goes and does it. Britt’s handwriting is better. -K.P.
Michael is better at remembering and following multi-step instructions. He checked the mail, talked to his Dad and then announced he was going upstairs to sort his clothes (without my saying anything!) That is a first! A.F.
Behavior has been MUCH better. Still moments but honestly pretty much night and day! -C.G.
Ella has had several headache free days so she is nothing but pleased. -C.H.
In evaluating where Brian was six months ago, his overall health has definitely improved, the main factor being that often when he would eat meat, his brain would totally shut down and he wouldn’t be able to think straight for at least a day.  And with his diabetes, it is extremely important that he eat a good amount of protein.  His thinking processes have definitely shown improvement. His ability to communicate with others has improved, his adaptability has sped up, his sleep cycle is much more constant, and he has been able to set some goals for the future. I sat and watched you work during the last session, and I marveled at the speed in which you were able to tackle the different issues that come up! Thanks for your willingness to help others! -J.F.
Grace enjoyed riding rides at Kings Dominion, smiling and no fear!
Thank you for all you do. -H.W.