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Energy Kinesiology

Energy Kinesiology (EK) is an alternative therapy that has it’s roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the Chinese Meridian System, which has been used in China dating back thousands of years, but it did not enter the modern western world until the 1970’s. Alternative medicine is being increasingly considered and used because of it’s ability to get to the root of a person’s problem. Kinesiology is relaxing and completely non-invasive. It is safe and is suitable for all ages.

The EK techniques allow for the identity and release of very specific stresses that affect the energy flow in the body. There are several aspects to Energy Kinesiology, some of which are explained below.


In the world of alternative treatments, Kinesiology is not limited to the study of muscles and how they move, but it also encompasses the understanding of how muscles can give biofeedback regarding the state of all systems in the body. This practice employs a non-invasive technique called ‘muscle monitoring,’ a method of assessing information about the energy balance of a system or area in the body by communicating directly with the central nervous system through the sensory-motor response of a muscle.

Muscle Monitoring

In Energy Kinesiology, muscle monitoring is used as a tool which can make subconscious stresses and imbalances observable.  Thus muscle monitoring is used to access the integrity of a muscle response, not the strength of the response.  To do it, a muscle is put in a specific contracted or extended state and then resistance is added to see how the muscle will function – if it will lock or unlock.  Different starting muscle positions give different information, as do different muscle responses.

Dr. George Goodheart, the modern day father of Kinesiology also discovered the relationship between physical muscles, energetic meridians, and physical body organs.  Hence, he was able to blend western physical muscle work with eastern meridian energy work.

Energy Movement

Energy moves in the body through meridians, our energy transport system, which delivers energy throughout the entire body. The way it moves, where it moves, and how it moves are crucial in our overall energetic health.  As events happen in our lives, our energetic responses affect how that energy is able to move.  At some level, the stresses we experience result in us changing the way energy can flow in our bodies.  It happens without our conscious knowledge, but it does happen and often to “protect” us from the things in life we view as challenges, as dangerous, or as unsafe.  We build energetic compensations in our bodies to keep that energy moving.  And then more compensations to support those we just made, and more to support those we just made for those before them.  All this, to keep moving energy so we can function.  This is part of the miracle of the human body – that it can adapt to just about anything and keep going.  Learn Now uses several specialized techniques to release stress and improve energetic flow, thereby improving function.

Acupoint Touch or Palming

Gentle touch is very powerful, it can trigger a response in the body that can be very beneficial. Touching a specific acupoint or palming a larger area affect energy flow throughout the body. Acupoints exist all over the body, located at the place of least electrodermal resistance where a meridian surfaces from the body.  Each point is unique in function and character.  All of them can be used to affect energy flow in the body.  Depending on what change the client’s body needs, different combinations of them can be used to induce an effect.


Sound is nothing more than a frequency.  The proper frequency wave in a specific place can have a desired specific affect.  Typically this is to break up stagnant energy and enable energy to begin flowing again.  Different frequencies or combinations of frequencies are used depending on the client’s specific needs.


Color is also a frequency.  It is used similarly to sound to disrupt stagnant energy and enable energy flow in certain locations.  The application of specific colors has been proven over centuries to have a powerful healing effect. Natural light is composed of all the colors. As imbalances occur in our bodies—often from stress and other lifestyle choices—our cells develop the need for exposure to specific colors to help regain balanced function.

Tei shin

A blunt non-inserted metal device used for stimulating an acupoint.