Improving Brain Function For Life

10 Actions to Optimize Your Brain Function Every Day 

It is vitally important that you understand how to optimize your brain function. We take the time to learn about and care for many of the mechanisms surrounding us, such as the automobile we drive or the computer on our desk, yet most people show no interest in learning about or taking care of the greatest mechanism that was ever created…our brain.

Regular clients of LearnNow will receive a booklet with information that, if applied, will help you optimize your brain’s function everyday, equipping you to achieve academic and personal excellence.

Here is a glimpse of the “10 Actions to Optimize Your Brain Function EVERY Day for EVERY age:”

Action #1    Develop Your Action Plan

Action #2    Think About Your Thoughts

Action #3    Choose Gratitude

Action #4    Get Enough Sleep

Action #5    Exercise Your Body

Action #6     Exercise Your Brain

Action #7    Eat and Drink Smart

Action #8    Plan Rest for Your Brain

Action #9    Turn Electronics Off For a While

Action #10   Say NO to Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigarettes

Every thought you think, every decision you make, everything you do, has an impact on your brain. Learn Now wants to teach you how to work hard to develop the habits that will optimize your brain’s function everyday.

Important Things to Consider

Be sure to fill in the educational gaps for a person who once found learning difficult. Your brains restored function enables you to learn but it does not impart knowledge that was never learned in the first place.  It may be necessary to work with a tutor to accomplish this.

Be sure to “teach and require” desired attitudes and behaviors, which are now possible as a result of better brain function. Improved brain function makes it possible for you to perform a learning task well, but that does not mean that you will. Undesired attitudes and behaviors are sometimes repeated out of habit.

Be sure to limit foods that disrupt brain communication, especially during the timeframe that you are trying to focus and learn.

Be sure to spend time doing the folllowing:

  • Read: find something of interest to encourage reading for pleasure
  • Use the recommended technique for math facts and spelling
  • Practice the use of your visual memory
  • Practice any skill you wish to improve, whether mental or physical
  • Read and apply your “Go-To Guide to Optimize Your Brain Function Every Day for Every Age.”

Be sure the learning environment provides structure, discipline, accountability and emotional stability.

  • Provide an environment of unconditional love and acceptance
  • Provide a suitable place to study that is comfortable, quiet and distraction free
  • Establish a routine with scheduled study times but be flexible for unexpected interruptions
  • Establish realistic but firm expectations of achievement
  • Set clear standards of behavior and set clear consequences for misbehavior
  • Be consistent in discipline and require accountability for actions

As you work to optimize your brain function and make learning a positive, gratifying part of your life, we would like to challenge you to apply yourself well because…

“Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere.”