Improving Brain Function For Life

Causes of Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties are caused by non-functioning grey or white brain matter. Your brain consists of two types of matter, grey and white. The grey matter is where information is processed and stored. The white matter is how information is transported to different parts of the brain. Those who find learning difficult have varying levels of non-functioning grey or white brain matter.

The cause of non-functioning grey and white matter is physical or emotional stress. It is important to understand what we mean by the word “stress.” Anything that disturbs the inherent desire your body has for internal balance is a stressor. Physical and emotional stressors profoundly affect the brain. We all have a natural fight or flight instinct. If we cannot fight or flee from the pain of a trauma, our brain will naturally shut down as a way of escape. The manner in which the brain responds to stress is relative to the individual and effects different people to varying degrees.

The human brain performs extremely complicated electromagnetic functions and like any other organ, shows symptoms of stress. When this happens, the logic center or creative center simply shuts down. The synchronization of brain function is lost and the brain cannot process correctly. We lose access to bi-hemispheric function, suffer confusion in mental processing and suffer from inefficient mental processing. This is not how the brain was created to function and Learn Now can help.

A Few Common Stressors

The birth process

Falling and hitting head


Sports accidents

Car accidents

Vaccine stress

Loss of a loved one or pet

Major life change

The birth of a sibling




Behavior and Learning Difficulties

If a child is gestalt dominant, this is the person who has ADD characteristics, they may be perceived as emotionally immature. They lack the ability to analyze a situation logically, therefore acting out of emotion with little or no consideration of the consequences.

When asked to perform a task, the first response comes from the deep limbic emotional center of the brain. The response is based on past experience. If someone has always failed or found a task very stressful, those feelings may prevent the person from even trying to do the task again.

Difficulty performing tasks will almost always generate stress when attempting to do these tasks, often resulting in avoidance behaviors. Often, people don’t like doing something simply because they find the task difficult.

Avoidance behaviors are often misinterpreted as “just not doing as you are told”, or just plan misbehavior.  In reality, the behavior is really caused by frustration and anger of not being able to perform an assigned task, even when great effort is put forth.

Let Learn Now help you with your learning difficulties by improving your brain's ability to process information.